Flora Britannica at Tate Britain

Enjoying a floral safari at Tate Britain with a great group of students. It is a privilege to work in an inspiring place and with generous and enthusiastic people. Walking into the Prints and Drawings Room to see works by Mattisse, Caulfield, Hockney and many others was astonishing.  Thank-you Tate.

Potato Town Open Studios

I'm taking part in the Potato Town Open Studios on 4 & 5 October with painter Pam Franklin, furniture designer John Callen and jeweller, Guen Palmer.  Painter, Neil Drury and I are promoting workshops at the studios starting this autumn. 

Breaking Ground

Three days on site at Bradford Park Avenue's former ground with artists, archeologists, sports historians and local fans. Pleased to be the botanical component of this fascinating football heritage project conceived by Neville Gabie

Midsummer's Day

In the 9 Acre Wood on Midsummer's day.  Inspiration for my tree sketchbook.


A collection of butterflies for students to draw on my Summer Flowers and Pollinators course today

Spring in the 9 Acre Wood

With John Rogers in his 9 Acre Wood in Suffolk.  John is sharing his extensive arboreal knowledge with me.  He planted the wood in the 1980s with native english species.  Inspiration for my tree sketch book.

The Wild Bit

Map of "The Wild Bit" commissioned as a gift for John Hardcastle.  it is an area of woodland and ponds he has looked after during his retirement planting many unusual species, in particular conifers. 

Pen and Ink

Students working on pen and ink drawings of winter trees.  The beauty and variety of the buds and twig forms provide great subjects for line and tone drawings.

Monstrous Beasts

A drop-in workshop at Mottisfont House as part of their Halloween Big Draw Festival.

Mottisfont Medieval Alphabet

The completed medieval alphabet created by Portway Junior School pupils.  Congratulations to
The Master of the Fish-Tailed Winged Bull
The Master of the Snake-Tailed Dragon
The Master of the Hairy, Bat-Winged LionRat
The Master of the Claw-Footed Scorpion
The Master of the Three Nostrilled Bat
The Master of the Armour and Sword Dragon

AKA Amelia, Jake, Nancy, Liam, Shante and Liam


Mottisfont Studio Last Day

Mottisfont studio just before it's time to pack up and return to London.

Final Washes on Mappa

Applying the final washes to Mappa to delineate the different geographical zones.  At the centre (orange) is the Priory Precinct.  Surrounding this, in yellow, is the farmland adjacent to the Priory.  Beyond that (tan) the wider estate lands across southern england.  The outer ring shows the landmass of the British mainland distorted to fit within the circular convention of a medieval map.

Designing Mappa

Creating a map of Mottisfont Priory in the 1340s in the form of a medieval map of the world or Mappa Mundi.

Medieval Alphabet Workshop

The final medieval illuminators workshop and the Mottisfont Medieval Alphabet is almost complete.  

Greenhouse Lightbox

Medieval Alphabet Workshop in the garden at  Portway Junior School.  Greenhouses make very useful lightboxes.

Winchester Cathedral Visit

Year 5 pupils from Portway Junior School in Andover create drawings of medieval beasts at Winchester Cathedral after visiting the Winchester Bible.

Books of Hours

Medieval illuminated manuscripts and books of hours at the Medieval Galleries in the V&A provide inspiration for my residency at Mottisfont.

Mottisfont Oak

Drawing the Mottisfont Oak on a sunny spring afternoon.  The Oak, estimated to be between 900 - 1100 years old, is the oldest living thing on the Mottisfont estate.  It lived at mottisfont throughout its life as a medieval priory.  It is a living relic of the monastic period.

Kew Herbarium

Sketching at the Kew Herbarium for a healthcare commission in Chester.  The subject is plants that provide active chemical ingredients in modern medicines. I like to draw from life and herbaceous plants are hard to find in April.  Pressed specimens provide invaluable information about plant structure and have a beauty all of their own.  Many thanks to the Herbarium staff who were so helpful.